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Do you receive ENDLESS amounts of Paper Junk Mail, Catalogs, Credit Card offers, random Mailers and Coupons at your Home or Business for items you don’t want/need?  Explore the following.

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  • Junk Mail FACTS: Did you know …, It takes 17 Trees to make a Ton of Paper, of which the Average Household receives 848 pieces of Junk Mail (paper) per year, and 44% of the Junk Mail is thrown away un-opened and not recycled.  Over 100 Million Trees are being used for Junk Mail every year in the U.S. alone. Not only does Reducing | Removing Junk Mail get Clutter out of your Mailbox.  Reducing this Environmental Waste significantly helps our Environment against Climate Change, Safe guards your Privacy, Saves valuable Trees which positively impact our Environment, Wildlife and Prevents Identity Theft.

FTC Consumer Information > Protecting your Privacy by Reducing Paper Junk Mail and Including Un-Wanted Calls, Emails and Texts.

ECOSIA > Find Us in search and share.  Or even use the Search Engine to Plants Trees!

‘He who plants a tree Plants a hope’ 

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