Reduce Paper Junk Mail

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Direct Mail The Direct Marketing Association (DMA) is the single largest provider of direct mail lists. There is a one time processing fee for both online registration and mail-in registration.

DMA Mail Preference Service
P.O. Box 643 Carmel, NY 10512
Online Form:

Credit Cards & Insurance Offers:
Opt-Out Form

PCH | Readers Digest | infoUSA, Inc.

Publishers Clearinghouse
OnLine Form: PCH Removal Form

Reader’s Digest (Call, Mail or Email)
P.O. Box 50005 Prescott, AZ 86301

infoUSA, Inc. (Mail)
5711 S. 86th Circle
Omaha, NE 68127-0347

Valpak | Penny Saver | Trader Joe’s

Shopping Flyers & Mailings
ValPak: (Blue Envelope w/Coupons)
OnLine Form: ValPak Removal Form

Penny Saver Publication
OnLine Removal Form: Penny Saver Publication Removal

Trader Joe’s CircularUnsubscribe Here

BedBath&Beyond | RetailMeNot Everyday | AARP | LexisNexis

Bed Bath & BeyondDirect Mail Removal,
Or send an Email: } With the following information; ‘NO SNAIL MAIL’ in the Subject Line along with your name, address and zip code (in email body).

RetailMeNot Everyday [formerly] Red PlumRemoval Form

AARP – Removal On-Line, Call or MailRemoval Form

Contact AARP customer service by phone at 888-687-2277. Provide the representative with your name and mailing address. Inform the representative you would like to stop receiving mail from the AARP.

Send letter to AARP to stop sending you mail in writing. Send your request to: AARP; 601 E. Street, NW; Washington, D.C. 20049. Include your mailing address in your request.


LexisNexis Information [Removal On-Line, Mail or Email]Suppression Form

PO Box 933
Dayton, OH  45401



ECOLogical MAIL – Environmental ways to market your Business.

♦ Call the Dun and Bradstreet Customer Resource Center at (800) 333-0505 and ask to be removed from their mailing list.  Alternatively, you can email the request to them at Dun and Bradstreet is a source of business-to-business mailing lists.

♦ Look for any postage-paid postcards or envelopes in your junk mail pile at your business. Send the item back to the company with a note to remove you from their mailing list. Also look for any junk mail that is printed with either “Change Service Requested” or “Return Service Requested.” On this junk mail, cross out your name and address and write “Refused” and drop in the outgoing mail.  This will send it back to the junk mail company and result in your name being taken off their list.

Marketing Data & Telephone Opt OUT #’s

Acxiom’s US Marketing Data Products – OnLine Opt-Out: Removal Form

Advo/Valassis: 1.888.241.6760
*See Removal Forms page for mail-in request

Harte Hanks Direct Marketing: 1.800.422.4116
*See Removal Forms page for mail-in request

Catalogs | Magazines

Remove your name from ‘specific’ catalog lists for free by visiting OnLine:

Abacus (Epsilon) Catalogs and Magazines
When you buy something from a mail order catalog, your transaction is likely to be reported to Abacus. Abacus members, mostly catalog and publishing companies, contribute and exchange information about their customers. Your name may also be sold to other catalog and publishing companies. If you register with DMA Choice, you do not need to contact Abacus. Otherwise, there are two ways to opt out of the Abacus database. You’ll need your name, including any middle initial, your current address, and if you’ve moved recently, your previous address.

By e-mail:
By mail: Epsilon | Attention: Privacy Manager
2550 Crescent Drive
Lafayette, CO 80026


When you buy from Catalogs on-line or over the phone, make certain you let the company know you DO NOT want them to sell your name or send Promotional materials.

Advertising and Marketing Preferences

Turn OFF & Opt-OUT.  Log into your Utility Company, Bank, Health Care Provider, Wireless Service, Cable/Satellite Provider, Streaming Service, Insurance Carrier even your Social Media Accounts …,
Locate > Advertising and Marketing Preferences – then simply select Offers, Promotional Material, Communications or Mail notifications you wish to opt-out of.

Don’t forget to Check the box for Paperless Billing!

Most people notice a difference in about three months. Be patient, removal of your name can sometimes take 4-6 months.

2 Ways That Won’t Work

Refusing Unsolicited Mail. Writing ‘Return to Sender’ or ‘Refusal’ on unsolicited mail and placing it in your mailbox only results in the U.S Postal Service discarding it, since third class bulk mail will not be forwarded.

Returning Junk Mail Postage Due. Trying to get the attention of a company by returning your accumulated junk mail in an envelope simply does not work.

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