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‘Let’s Keep the TREES in the Forest and Junk out of your Mailbox’!

Do Not Mail

National Do NOT Mail List

The key to stopping unwanted advertising mail being delivered to your home is getting your name off the mailing lists.

Of course, that’s a lot easier said than done. There are, literally, thousands of commercial lists out there. We can use our vast direct marketing expertise to get your name off of those lists.

As direct marketers ourselves, we know that mail-order companies don’t want to waste their money sending mail to people who don’t want to receive it.

They’ll gladly take your name off their lists when they’re asked to do so. But with countless mail-order companies doing business today, you just can’t contact enough of them on your own to make a difference. The postage alone would cost a fortune!

To register on the National Do Not Mail List, start by filling out the form below then click ‘Submit’ to choose your mail preferences.

Highlighting Junk Mail Awareness

Junk Mail Awareness

  1. Each time you order something Online
  2. Buy -via- Catalog(s) by Mail
  3. Use an APP to purchase items
  4. Telephone Order
  5. Subscribe to a Publication
  6. Enter Sweepstakes
  7. Donate to Charity

Chances are your Name will be added to a Mailing List. 

If you wish to Reduce Paper Junk Mail, you need to keep your Name OFF Mailing Lists so that it won’t be Traded, Rented or Sold.

Find your STATE | CITY, that offers resources to Remove your information & Reduce Junk Mail received on the Junk Mail Awareness page.


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Advertising & Marketing Preferences

Turn OFF & Opt-OUT

Log into your Utility Company, Bank, Health Care Provider, Wireless Service, Cable/Satellite Provider, Streaming Service, Insurance Carrier even your Social Media Accounts.

Locate > Advertising and Marketing Preferences – then simply select Offers, Promotional Material, Communications or Mail notifications you wish to Opt-OUT of.

• Don’t forget to Check the box for Paperless Billing!

Most people notice a difference in about three months. Be patient, removal of your name can sometimes take 4-6 months.


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